Lexus — case study

  • Age 24–60
  • Mid-range to high end car owners
  • Casual driver that uses their car for commuting to work and social endeavors.

Business Research:

Competitor analysis

Direct Competitors

Red Route analysis

User Research

Interview questions

  1. If you could pick, would you choose a traditional car key or a car app on your smartphone?
  2. What do you like the best about your car key?
  3. Do you ever lose your car key? If so, how often?
  4. What things would worry you about depending on a app for your car?
  5. Do you always remember to fill up/charge your car?
  6. How often do other people drive your car?
  7. What are your favourite music apps?


  • 6 out of 10 of my participants said they would choose a car app. They happened to be on the younger end of my selection of participants while the ones on the other end preferred traditional car keys. When asked to explain why they’d pick a traditional car key, they said it’s what they’re used to and they don’t trust or feel secure with apps alone.
  • Things that worried my participants about using apps included a fear that doors are not actually locked as well as software issues that may arise. I think a live support chat would be useful in solving any issues and making car users feel more secure.
  • Most participants said they don’t really forget but they ignore it till its running very low. In this case, i think an app that sends you reminders of your fuel/battery level is useful. For electric cars, you can charge in-app.
  • Most of my participants have lost their car key at some point and 7 participants have lost their car key more than once. This makes me believe a digital car key would be easier to manage.
  • Only 4 of my participants have other people driving their car at least once a week. A feature for guest access makes sense.
  • My participants mainly use Spotify and Apple Music so it would make sense to incorporate that into the app so they can access their music from within the app. Guests can also connect their music to the car this way too.


  1. Small lock/unlock buttons
  2. No buttons for opening windows
  3. No easy access to music
  4. No live support chat in app
  5. No option to book or change appointments
  6. No start/stop button
  7. No voice recognition

UI stage


Design System

  • Competitor analysis
  • User research
  • Ideation techniques. I found it hard but that was definitely because I didn’t have enough people to actually carry them out with.



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